10 top tips for a healthier diet

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Eat when you're hungry

Eat only when you are hungry


Eat as much as you need

Try to be less generous with the size of portion you serve up

Eat slowly

Eat slowly so your brain gets the message when you stomach is full

Get your 5 a day

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables – aim for 5 portions a day

Get your nutrients

Eat a wide variety of different foods as no one food that will provide all the nutrients we need

Lower your fat & sugar intake

Choose lower fat or lower sugar options when available (food labels explained)


Lower your salt intake

Try to limit your use of salt

Don't shop on an empty stomach

Never go food shopping when you are hungry

Minimize temptations

Try not to regularly buy foods that you find hard to resist

Drink water

Drink plenty of fluids

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