Health benefits to physical activity

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Make a decision to feel great today. There are many health benefits to physical activity

Reduces risk of heart disease


Improves concentration


Boosts energy levels


Makes you feel better through the release of endorphins


Reduces risk of getting colds & flu


Reduced need for medication


Reduces health care costs


Helps to reduce depression

On top of the health benefits, exercise can be an excellent way to meet new people, discovering new interests and generally feeling better.

Lack of time is the biggest reason why people avoid exercise. The pressures of work, commuting, home and family life can leave little time left to fit in exercise. However, when you think of the many benefits that physical activity brings – nobody can afford not to make time for exercise! Everyone should be able to find 30 minutes in their day for exercise – especially when you consider that this can be divided into two 15 minutes sessions at different times of the day. Build it into your day by walking or taking the stairs more!

Remember though, always start exercise at a slow pace and build intensity and frequency up gradually. The activity you choose should get your heart rate up above resting level – making you feel slightly out of breath (a brisk walk is a good example).

It does not have to be about getting ‘super fit’, but being regular about the exercise that you take.

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Health benefits to physical activity

Make a decision to feel great today. There are many health benefits to...