9 tips on work life balance

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Work life Balance – how to balance work, training and other commitments to benefit your health – Tips to make healthier choices and creating good habits across food and exercise in a week.

It’s important to go easy on yourself when trying to incorporate exercise into your working life. Every day sets different challenges for you. Here are 9 top tips on work live balance:


Realistic targets

Don’t try conquering too much too soon. Little steps achieve greater results in the end and you are more likely to keep up exercise if you enjoy it.

Keep hydrated

When working out you need to be hydrated. Try increasing your water intake throughout the day; it doesn’t cost anything to keep a water bottle at your desk and to top it up. A fun way is to challenge your colleagues to do an 8 glasses of water a day challenge. You will feel the benefits in every aspect of life. Drinking water helps you focus and concentrate better and be more alert.

Eat small portions often

Try to eat smaller portions and often, instead of three meals a day. Your energy can dip throughout the day so have healthy snacks on hand like nuts or fruit which will keep you energised until your next meal. Always start your day with breakfast and then have something mid-morning to keep you going until lunch. Have a snack before dinner and then something small late evening. For a healthy lifestyle don’t get caught up on faddy crash diet.

Treat every day as a new day

As you are progressing in life and in your career different things can happen daily which you aren’t expecting, like a conference call during the day, a last minute deadline or meeting or even an unexpected family or friend crisis. Your exercise might get pushed aside as a result. Don’t be overly critical if you fall off your horse due to stuff happening. We are only human at the end of the day. So, if you miss your exercise because of life happenings, just try do a little more the next day before or after work. Even a brisk walk at lunch time can re-energise your day.

Find a training buddy

Some people love to train and exercise alone as they use it as an escape, but an exercise buddy can be a great motivator. We all have those days where we need that little extra push to get motivated so if you’re having that day a friend or colleague who will give you that little bit of encouragement can be the best thing you need. Also it’s a great excuse to catch up.


Life gets hectic at times and it’s so important to take time to yourself and to be mindful of yourself. Your body is the most important part of you so look after yourself. We all need down time, so don’t feel guilty if you feel like taking some time out.

Choose options that suit you

Some people think that exercise costs money, whether it’s taking part in classes or paying for a gym membership. You don’t need exercise equipment to get fit. You can go for walks and runs for free on the streets, public parks or even beaches. Be creative and improvise and incorporate facilities that are openly available into your exercise. A park bench can be the perfect tool to do some bicep dips or a full water bottle in each hand can add some weight while you do some lunges.

Be consistent

Make your exercise regime turn into a habit. Start by working out or being active two or three times a week and keep going. Before you know it will be part of your weekly routine.

Enjoy it!

Find a physical activity that you enjoy and you are 100% more likely to continue doing it. No one likes doing things they don’t want to!

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